Monday, February 6, 2012

Golden Gate: Marshall Beach Majesty

Marshall Beach is a challenging and dramatic place to shoot. There are lots of interesting boulders, and composing them is almost like fitting together a puzzle. The beach is steeply pitched, so keeping balance in the composition is important to avoid "vertigo". Most importantly, while shooting you need to keep at least one eye on the surf at all times, because it is sneaky and the waves here can be treacherous. Be safe! I had a couple of spotters with me - thanks Tim and Summer! - but I still got absolutely soaked. It was worth it though! I'll post a few more from this shoot and I'm sure I'll go back and face the ocean here again, as it's such a wild and mesmerizing place. Hopefully there will be a few clouds in the sky next time, although I did love the soft light that the hazy Saturday evening sky afforded. There are a lot of incredible images from this location on Flickr. Does anyone else have a Marshall Beach story to share?

Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 24-70L, f/14 @ 4s, ISO 50. Tripod. Handheld Lee 2-stop soft GND.