Saturday, November 3, 2007

American Apparel Spoof

Since moving to LA, one of my favorite pastimes has become people watching. Particularly watching what people wear. Sometimes I can't believe what some girls think is an acceptable, even attractive, outfit. I call this game "What is that girl wearing?!"

For Halloween I decided to spoof my hatred of all things Ugg, leggings, lamee, and big belts, and do it up blonde style. Of course, I couldn't do this without going all the way and doing a photoshoot. These are the resulting "American Apparel ad" spoofs. Enjoy!

For the technically inclined, these were shot with my Canon XT and a 24-70L lens. They were taken in my apartment with low ambient light and are primarily lit with a 550EX speedlite that was mostly bounced off the ceiling. Much of the post processing was done with Kevin Kubota's Actions.

Griffith Observatory

A clear night in LA, if you can get one, is the best time to visit the Griffith Observatory. The recently renovated art deco Observatory is beautiful, and the views of the city can't be beat.

These were shot with a Canon Rebel XT, and either Canon 24-70L or Sigma 15-30, and a tripod.

Autumn in Wine Country

There's something irresistible about wine country for me. The beautiful vineyards, the gorgeous surrounding scenery, the romance of the winemaking process... it's all captivating. Over the weekend, I went up to Santa Barbara Wine Country to taste some yummy wines and photograph the harvest season. Here are some of my favorites from the day.

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California Sunset

There's really nothing like a California sunset. These photos were taken from a lookout off 101 just north of Santa Barbara.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

4th of July in Boston

The 4th of July is one of the best times to be in Boston. It is, after all, where the American Revolution began. The city pulls out all the stops and throws a week-long party called Harborfest, which culminates in the famous Boston Pops Concert and Fireworks Spectacular along the Charles River on the night of the 4th. During the week, locals and tourists alike can go on harbor cruises, see revolution reenactments, tour historic buildings, and see parades. You can even see the Declaration of Independence read out from the balcony it was originally from in 1776.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the long weekend:

Faneuil Hall:

The beautiful Boston skyline in the late afternoon:

Another view:

The famous Swan Boats, docked for the evening:

Fenway Park:

The Middlesex Fife & Drum Chorus:

Sunrise on Boston Harbor:

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kristin & Doug's Engagement

I met up with Kristin & Doug on the steps of Trinity Church, which is where they met for their first date. We had a lot of fun walking around Boston on a beautiful summery afternoon. They have a great attitude and I got a lot of shots of them laughing at each other!

Kristin & Doug may have their reception dinner at Hampshire House, which is famous for being the facade of Cheers.

The Charles River Esplanade makes a beautiful green background.
They are thinking of using Boston's iconic gaslamps as a theme for their wedding, so we made sure to take some pictures with one:

It was easy to tell how in love these two are. They couldn't keep their lips off each other! ;)

Friday, July 6, 2007

The O'Briens

The O'Brien kids were so much fun to photograph! They were so photogenic and had great ideas for poses.

Abby, Molly, and Robby




The Mackey Twins

Beautiful Catherine and Caroline join older brothers Jack, Thomas, and Connor. These two beauties were nine weeks when I took these photos last weekend. They were absolute angels -- they might have a future in modeling! Welcome to the world, girls!

Catherine & Caroline



Catherine & Caroline

Caroline -- I love those big eyes!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Christy and Scott

My two roommates (and friends) recently became engaged, and I am the lucky photographer who got to shoot their engagement portraits! Not only are they adorable together, but they're wonderfully photogenic subjects, too. Scott is a talented director and Christy is talented at just about everything. I'm certain they have a bright and happy future together. Congratulations!

We shot these on a warm Saturday at El Matador Beach in Malibu. Some thin fog made for perfect, diffused light for these naturally-lit portraits.

Lots, lots more to see at

Perfume commercial, much?

I loved the wave action around the rocks and was waiting for this dramatic moment.

See, they're really just goofballs behind those model looks ;)

This is probably my favorite image from the session.

I just love sepia for engagement shots. It's timeless and warmer than black and white.
Are they cute or what?

Santa Monica

Santa Monica is one of the most popular places to visit in LA. These are a few of my favorite shots. See more at and

This was taken with a very wide angle lens to create some interesting distortion on the Santa Monica Pier sign. Canon 350D, Canon 12-24mm 1/50s f/4.5 at 12.0mm iso200
I'd been envisioning this shot for awhile. I find that the shots that I envision beforehand usually turn out better than the random, grab-and-go photographs.
Canon 350D, Canon 28-105mm, 30s f/16.0 at 28.0mm iso100

This was an instance of waiting for the right light. I hung out in this location and took this panorama about 10 times over the course of an hour, but only for a minute or two did the light cooperate.
Canon 350D, Canon 24-70L, 4 horizontal images stitched in PS CS2

This was taken just after the shot above. The sun is down, but the boardwalk and sand are illuminated by some parking lot sodium lighting, which almost makes it look like it's lit by the setting sun.
Canon 350D, Sigma 15-30mm, 30s f/8.0 at 18.0mm iso100

Downtown Los Angeles with Full Moon - 5/31/07

My roommate and friend Christy was so kind to stay late at work so that I could photograph the moon rising behind the L.A. skyline from her office's roof. I was testing out my new Sigma 15-30 lens and I'm so happy with the way these shots turned out! See more at:

My New Blog!

Welcome to my blog! I've decided to start posting some of my recent and favorite photos, along with some tips and tricks that I've learned. I hope you enjoy it!