Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ligonier, Pennsylvania in Autumn

Ligonier is a small town in Western Pennsylvania where my Italian great grandparents settled when they immigrated to the United States around 1912. I was finally able to visit it for the first time last weekend. It is probably the sweetest little slice of Americana that I have ever seen. The town square, called "The Diamond" has a gazebo where bands play in the summer. Surrounding the Diamond are stone churches, a brick post office and city hall, and unique little shops selling candy, apparel, and memorabilia. It was really special to see a piece of my family's history, and such a wonderful day to be there!


Diane Cipa said...

What lovely pictures of our Ligonier Diamond. Hope you don't mind that I posted them with a link back here on Ligonier Living, our neighborhood blog.

Joyce Huff said...

Ligonier will all-ways hold a part of my heart and soul. Coming back with my daughters Della and Summer and their meeting some of their great aunts, uncle and cousins for the first time was a highlight in my life!