Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Global Warming is Reducing San Francisco's Fog

I read this article on the Huffington Post this morning describing the decline of California coastal fog over the past hundred years, and its possible effects on the local ecology, including serious effects on the coastal redwood forest, which depends on the fog for hydration. It made me very sad.

I consider myself an environmentalist, and I am very concerned about global warming and try to do what I can to reduce my environmental impact. Still, though, I must admit that without seeing the impact of global warming on a daily basis, sometimes it slips from the forefront of my mind. Seeing this study, which calculated San Francisco (and coastal California)'s fog loss over the past hundred years to be 30%, or 3 hours of coverage a day, makes global warming more personal. The thought of losing California's redwood forests to global warming is devastating. San Francisco losing its fog is like a part of its soul evaporating into thin air.

Can you imagine California without landscapes like these?

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The Wanderer said...

Hi Della

You have some impressive images. Just saw a few of yours shots on the CSPF gallery and tracked down your blog. Nice work!