Monday, August 16, 2010

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

I recently got a call from Digital Photo Magazine letting me know that I had won first place in their Great Escapes photo contest! It's my first magazine photo contest win, and it really made my day.

Check me out on page 16 of the September/October issue:
[Click image to view larger.]

I also won some sweet camera gear. Thanks, DP Mag!

Here's a higher-quality version of the winning shot, "Taj Mahal Sunrise Reflections":


The WoodLand School said...


Cynthia Leeder said...

Congratulations Della! You are a tremendous photographer with a fabulous eye for composition and your processing is immaculate! From where I sit, this is a well deserved win! Enjoy! Oh, and I have the issue in my hands now. Well done!

Joy said...

Bravo, Della!!!! An honor well deserved. This magnificent photo a once in a life time capture, is every Taj photographers wish-list dream shot.

Thanks for gifting this magical offering to your fans!