Monday, August 24, 2009

National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest Entries

One of my photography-related resolutions for this year is to get proactive and enter some photography contests. I took the first step toward making good on that goal by entering National Geographic Traveler's World in Focus competition today.

I entered four images in three categories: Travel Portraits, Sense of Place, and Outdoor Scenes. Here are my entries:
The Old Fisherman, Hoi An, Vietnam
I captured this image of an elderly fisherman in the seaside town of Hoi An, Vietnam. Though we did not share a language, we shared the universal language of smiles... and his smile was unforgettable.
Taj Mahal Dawn Reflections
The night before I captured this image, a sandstorm howled in Agra, India and I was afraid the air would be choked with dust for my sunrise photo plans. The opposite turned out to be true, and the morning dawned with an incredible sky. As I was photographing, a local stopped by to say hello. He told me that clear mornings like this happen only a few days per year in Agra. It was a once in a lifetime view, and a morning I'll surely never forget.
Perigee Moonrise, Joshua Tree National Park
The perigee full moon occurs when the moon is closest to Earth, and thus appears at its largest. Joshua Tree National Park was, to me, the best place to capture this special moonrise. The desert stillness and the beauty of the moon create a sense of eternal stillness and timelessness.
McWay Falls Sunset
McWay Falls is one of the most beautiful places in California, and probably on Earth. McWay Creek tumbles down a granite cliff directly into a turquoise cove in the roiling Pacific. When I captured this image, I was the only person enjoying this sunset. The solitude and beauty were nearly overwhelming. If a heaven exists, I hope that it looks something like this.

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