Saturday, December 19, 2009

Carnelian Room Blues, San Francisco

After seeing Bats and mrperry's photos from the Carnelian Room in San Francisco, I couldn't pass up the chance to shoot from it before it closes for good on New Year's Day. The bar was packed when I arrived just before sunset, but luckily a view table opened up within a few minutes. While I got the impression that tripods weren't exactly welcome, I set it up on its smallest, least-intrusive position and attached a cable release so I could shoot while sipping a martini and acting casual. :)

The view really is incredible. Looking down 52 floors to the street below instantly induces vertigo (if the stiff drinks don't already!) and looking straight across to the tippy-top of the Transamerica Pyramid is a pretty inspiring view. I wasn't as lucky with the epic fog show that Bats and mrperry had, but I did have a nice clear evening with some high clouds and an interesting sunset. The twilight blues cooled as the warm lights came on in the city and big freighters and little ferries came and went. Unforgettable.

I hope you enjoy one of the last views from the Carnelian Room!

Canon 5D, Canon 24-70L, f/11 @25s, ISO 50. No filters.


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