Friday, February 25, 2011

Debleena & Miki: San Francisco Engagement

I had the pleasure of photographing Debleena and Miki's engagement in San Francisco last weekend. Despite the chilly wind, we had a lot of fun - thanks, Debleena, for being such a trooper! I love how comfortable they are with each other - it made my job really easy.

We started at the Palace of Fine Arts.

Did I mention that they're super sweet together?

How cool are these giant green doors at the Palace of Fine Arts?

Back to back. Miki's only a *smidge* taller.

Debleena, you're adorable.

And Miki, you're not so bad yourself. I love when a guy can pull off pink!

And then we explored the Marina neighborhood a bit.

And then we hit the beach. The sun popped out right before sunset and gave us some great light. I planned it that way. Obviously.

Yup, sparks between these two. Literally.

I love how these two laugh together!

And then we went to the Bridge. A San Francisco engagement session isn't complete without some great Golden Gate photos!

How's this for some San Francisco glamour?

Not enough glamour for you? How about this?

Or this?
Near the end of the session, we were treated to this gorgeous sunset. If you look closely, you can see the Farallon Islands right below the setting sun!

Thank you, Miki and Debleena! Best wishes for a wonderful wedding this summer!

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